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Hi. I'm Gerard and I use computer science to build cool things and solve problems. On my website are hosted a bunch of articles I wrote pertaining to computer science, enjoy.

Generating probabilistic roadmaps.
Using heuristics and rejection sampling for randomly generated roadmaps in virtual worlds.

Foreign constructors.
Introducing a new constructor design pattern for C++11 or newer.

Force-based model for traffic simulation.
A condensed version of a school paper which explores the use of crowd simulation techniques for traffic simulation.

Interactive Lab

I seem to make it a habit to produce more demos than articles, here are some undocumented interactive experiments that work right in your browser. If you feel so inclined, you can find the source code of these demos on GitHub, but that's less fun than just playing with them.

Preview of the Color Heatmaps demo
Color Heatmaps
Preview of the Polygon Shape Comparison demo
Polygon Comparison
Preview of the Polygon Smoothing demo
Polygon Smoothing
Preview of the Bouncy Bezier demo
Bouncy Bezier
Preview of the Image Filters demo
Image Filters
Preview of the Hough Transform demo
Hough Transform
Preview of the Smallest Annulus demo
Smallest Annulus
Preview of the K-means Clustering demo
K-means Clustering
Preview of the Classification Models demo
Classification Models
Preview of the Neural Networks demo
Neural Networks
Preview of the Procedural rooms demo
Procedural rooms
Preview of the Voronoi diagrams demo
Voronoi diagrams
Preview of the (Moving) Least squares demo
Least Squares
Preview of the Bézier Curves demo
Bézier Curves
Preview of the Polynomials demo
Preview of the Minkoski Sums demo
Minkoski Sums
Preview of the Flocking Behaviour demo
Flocking Behaviour
Preview of the Rotational Kinematics demo
Rotational Kinematics
Preview of the Pathfinding demo
Preview of the Volleyball demo
Preview of the Squad Pathfinding demo
Squad Pathfinding